Israel 101 Resources

Israel 101 Videos

Dennis Prager. Prager University: The Middle East Problem

Truth About Jerusalem. Honest Reporting Video

Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. Israel’s Critical Security Needs for a Viable Peace.

The Truth About the West Bank, Occupied Territories and ’67 Borders – Danny Ayalon

Size of Israel.  Terrorists in Your Backyard: How Small Israel Really Is.

Gaza Conflict

Goldstone Gaza Report: Col. Richard Kemp Testifies at U.N. Emergency Session

Col. Richard Kemp – Article

The UN Anti-Israel Bias

More Resources and Assistance

Israel on Campus Coalition

Israel on Campus Coalition – BDS Cookbook

The Israel Project

Jewish Federation of Springfield, Illinois. The Real Israel Blog.

The David Project (also click on the resources tab)

Stand For Israel.  Free US-Israel Flag Pin.